FloMax 300
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Installation Instructions for 
Ramco FloMax™ 300 Fuel Filter Water Separator

Thank you and congratulations for purchasing the best high performance fuel filtration system available. With over 20 years experience in the fuel filtration industry, Ramco Performance Manufacturing developed this system specifically for the performance industry to provide exceptional performance and the ultimate in efficiency. The extremely low fuel flow restriction and high fuel flow capabilities of the FloMax 300 coupled with highly efficient 5 micron filtration and water separation make it the most innovative and efficient system ever. Manufactured from solid billet aluminum - absolutely no castings - the lightweight and compact FloMax 300 is designed for use in gasoline, racing fuel, ethanol and methanol applications.

The FloMax 300 incorporates a unique EZMOUNT
™ integral mounting flange which allows mounting to either a tubular chassis rail using appropriate tubing clamps or surface mount using appropriate mounting bolts.

General Installation Guidelines:

The FloMax 300 has been designed for fast and easy installation and servicing. CAUTION: Modifying or servicing any fuel system can be potentially dangerous. Always take necessary precautions whenever working on any vehicle fuel system.

  1. Mount in a protected location, either on the suction side or pressure side (within rated filter specs) of the fuel system. For most applications, a suction side mount prior to the fuel pump is recommended. 

  2. Fuel “IN” and fuel “OUT” ports are clearly marked on the filter head. Use appropriate ports that suit your installation and cap the two unused ports with the provided plugs. Optional drain valve 
    part# DRV500 can be substituted for one plug to provide a fuel system drain. 

  3. Minimize the use of 90° fuel fittings, use sweep 90’s whenever possible.

  4. Use only Permatex™ High Performance Thread Sealant or Permatex™ #2 or equivalent on all pipe fitting threads. DO NOT use Teflon™ tape. 

  5. Carefully check all fittings and connections for leaks. 

General Servicing Guidelines:

Fuel filter life can vary greatly due to application, fuel quality, humidity etc. To establish a baseline we recommend changing filters at each oil change. Experimentation will determine the optimum filter change interval for your application. Many applications may require only a seasonal filter change.

  1. Install replacement filters securely HAND TIGHT ¾ turn from base seal contact. Lightly grease filter seal surface prior to installation.

  2. For maximum performance levels, change fuel filter (Part# RF500) with each oil change.

Fuel Flow: 300 GPH
Filtration efficiency: 5 micron
Burst: 250 psi
Height: 4 ¼”
Width: 3”
Depth: 3 ¾”
Weight: 19oz.
Ports: ½” NPTF multi-directional