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Rick Rollins, owner of Rollins Performance and currently Chairman of the Board of Sema, has just purchased the assets of Ramco Performance Manufacturing.  The FloMax 300™ filtration system represents a significant advancement in filtration technology for the performance industry by combining technologies in use in the heavy-duty and aviation industries. Ramco’s experience in the commercial filtration industry has allowed us the opportunity to identify shortcomings in conventional systems and design a fresh concept which offers the highest filtration efficiency and includes many features which makes installation a snap. Our field tests and dyno results have exceeded our expectations for the product.

The high fuel flow capabilities – 300 GPH - and extremely low fuel flow restriction of the FloMax 300 coupled with highly efficient 5 micron filtration and water separation make it the most innovative and efficient system ever. Manufactured from solid billet aluminum – absolutely no castings – the lightweight and extremely compact FloMax 300™ is designed for use in gasoline, racing fuel, ethanol and methanol applications. The red anodized finish combined with the premium chrome/silver filter makes for a striking appearance.

The FloMax 300™ incorporates a unique EZMOUNT™ integral mounting flange which allows easy mounting to either a tubular chassis rail or surface mount and combined with multiport fuel ports offers the utmost in installation flexibility.

The FloMax 300™ can be installed on the suction or pressure side of the fuel system. The easily replaceable filter element is self- contained, requires no messy and questionable canister cleaning and totally eliminates any chance of fuel system contamination.

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