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The TurboFyner is an on-board-diesel-fuel-refiner system that filters fuel, separates water from fuel, and heats the fuel during cold weather operation. This unique system is designed for use in all light-duty diesel pickup and medium duty diesel engines with fuel flows up to 200 GPH operating on petroleum or biodiesel fuels. 

  • Easy to install and features bi-directional fuel inlet/outlet ports 

  • Manufactured from solid billet aluminum to totally eliminate any casting porosity, cracking or air intrusion

  • Extends OEM fuel filter life 

  • Unique self-draining fuel filter makes for easy no-mess filter changes

  • Use engine coolant or transmission fluid for heat source for fuel heating feature

  • Fine filters fuel removes water from fuel heats fuel during cold weather operation

  • Filters to 3 micron exclusive FloMax diesel/biodiesel filter media

  • Compact unit - only 10 overall length and 3 width

For more information about the FloMax™ 300M filter/water separator system and other products, contact sales at 407/323-0122 or visit our pricing page for pricing and order details.